Below is my current health protocol. It's for educational purposes only and not to be taken as medical advice.

If you are looking to take your health into your own hands focus on basic lifestyle interventions: sleep, diet, exercise, stress management, spending time in nature and with friends & family.

Yes there's lots of fancy stuff you can do but the basics will bring you the majority of the results.

I spent three years and over $100,000 developing Ageless, my health protocol that significantly improves healthspan and lifespan. It takes better care of me than I can myself. I've open sourced it so now you can do the same.

My results from 10 months on Ageless:

+ Reduced epigenetic age from 38.3 to 30.7 (DunedinPACE)
+ Reduced my vascular age from 91 to 40 (CIMT measurement)
+ 70+ optimal outcome biomarkers
+ 120+ biomarkers lower than chronological age
+ Top 5% sleep performance
+ Optimal liver markers (ALT+AST+GST=47)
+ Improved testosterone from 584 to 1061 ng/dl
+ Improved V02 max from 46.4 mL/kg/min to 59.7 mL/kg/min
+ Reduced body fat from 26.2% to 12.8% (I hover between 10-15%)
+ 315 bench press one rep max, incline press 75lb db's for 15 reps

The results above might sound all sunshine and rainbows but there were bumps along the way. My first first full body MRI resulted in 'something showing up" in my brain but it turned out to be nothing.

But let's take a step back to understand why I undertook this health challenge:

What would life look like if you donated your body to science while you were still alive? 🤔

I set out to answer this question after suffering a heart attack from years of poor life hygiene as a startup founder. Up until this point I was in an all out pursuit of wealth. This was the first time in my life that I would trade wealth for health. Ironically, I sacrificed my health in the pursuit of wealth and now I'm spending wealth in the pursuit of health.

I tried everything to get my health back on track. I went vegan, then vegetarian, the keto, then carnivore. I went to a monk bootcamp in Thailand. I did a health retreat in the lagoons of Iceland. I tried acupuncture, therapy, working with a cardiologist, weight lifting, marathon running, and every fad diet under the sun. I spent countless hours studying every book and podcast from Dr. David Sinclair, Dr. Peter Attia, Dr. Tim Spector, Dr. Andrew Huberman, Dr. Paul Saladino, and Daniel E. Lieberman.

I didn't feel confident in my heart nor my health until ~1000+ hours studying the domain experts above and stumbling upon what Bryan Johnson was doing with his health Blueprint. I immediately dove in head first and followed the protocol minus the pharmaceuticals for two and a half months.

I lost a lot of weight, improved many biomarkers, lowered the frequency of my heart palpitations, and overall felt more confident with my heart and my health again.

But I was starving and thought about food 24/7. And this makes sense since the protocol is optimized for Bryan not for Skylor. Knowing what I know now, I should have increased my caloric intake as I was in too big of a deficit since I have more mass than Bryan and am more active.

I have deep respect for what Bryan Johnson is doing with his health blueprint but I wanted to optimize for Skylor and remove some of the restrictions it brought to my life. I added meat, eggs, and some of the foods I love back into my diet. I cut the amount of supplements I was taking in half since I was now getting this nutrition from whole foods. I eat my last meal between 4-7pm instead of 11am like on Blueprint.

It's small changes like these that allow me to actually enjoy life. Stress management and quality time with friends and family are linked to longer lifespans so to me it's not worth stressing over going out to dinner with your friends at 6pm.

I want to enjoy my time on this Earth. Not be a slave to my health.

After taking Dr. Peter Attia's medical program, I finally understood what actually mattered to me in regards to my health. My personal motivation so to speak. I want to live until 100+. At 90, I want to be able to lift up my grandchildren, walk a large dog, have sex with my wife, play sports with family, and be able to enjoy my life without restrictions.

And most importantly I want to enjoy life from now until then. Freedom is what matters to me. So when I'm in Paris I will eat the croissants. When I'm in Italy, I'll have pasta, pizza and the gelato. And in day-to-day life, I'll go out to restaurants once a week or whenever I want because it's something I enjoy.

So I decided to focus on reversing my epigenetic age, putting on the muscle tissue I need to do the things I want to do in life, and build lifestyle habits that will keep me on track for success for life.

Does it work?

Here's my results:


I genuinely think this should be a new way of life.

50 years ago society thought that smoking was healthy. Nobody batted an eye to smoking on planes, in restaurants, or around young children. Society today can't even imagine that world.

Today, the same thing is going on with the average western diet. People stuff their faces with high fructose sugars for breakfast, lunch, and dinner causing massive spikes in their blood glucose, destroying baseline health, and compromising their immune system.

People are literally eating petroleum products (yes like oil) in foods like candy, chips, crackers, packaged baked goods, mints, or any product with olestra. They use mineral oil because it's not food. It doesn't go rancid like vegetable oil. And yes this is all FDA approved.

I would argue our biggest existential threat is not AI. It’s our hijacked biology.

There's at least 14 invisible health wars we are all fighting:

  • air pollution
  • BPA plastics
  • toxic tap water
  • mold and allergens
  • high processed foods
  • polyester clothing
  • environmental estrogens
  • disrupted sleep cycles
  • EMFs from our devices
  • social media dopamine addiction
  • heavy metals in our seafoods
  • low quality soil resulting in low quality nutrition
  • preservative, emulsifiers and artificial enhancers

The compounding effect of all this chemical exposure on this scale goes unstudied and we walk around not even knowing what is happening in our own bodies.

Knowledge workers know infinitely more about their company from dashboards than they do about themselves.

Why? When we have all the tools necessary to understand this stuff at a relatively affordable price for most knowledge workers.

There's a reason why Jeff Bezos got jacked and Mark Zuckerberg started working out and training MMA. You can have all the money in the world but if you don't take care of your health you'll still feel and look like shit.

It's worked for me.

After 10 months on my longevity protocol I've managed to reduce my epigenetic age from 38.3 years to 30.7 (chronologically I'm 28.9).

That's an insane amount of age reversal over a few months.

It required hours of research, a lot of trial an error, and an investment of several thousands per month.

Bur it's the best decision I've ever made. If you want to join me and avoid the same mistakes I did, reach out and apply to join Ownership.

1. Meal Prep
2. Supplements
3. Starter items
4. Fitness plan
5. Track progress with measurement

  1. Meal Prep

I eat 3-4 'meals' per day. The Ageless smoothie, 1 snack, 1 core meal, and 1 dessert.

The Ageless Smoothie:

  • 1 cup raw milk
  • 1 organic banana
  • 1 cup organic berries (usually frozen)
  • 25 mg collagen peptides
  • 2.5g creatine
  • 500mg cocoa flavanols
  • chlorella powder
  • supergreens (veggies + probiotics)
  • ceylon cinnamon
  • Supplements (I usually put a lot of my supplements in my smoothie so I don't have to swallow 12-15 pills a day)

Snacks & Dessert:

Usually I keep my snacks quite simple. Examples include: 2 pasture raised eggs, organic fruit, organic veggies, grass fed yogurt, beef jerky, or a clean protein bar.

I have a major sweet tooth and actually want to be able to stick with my diet long term so I make sure to have dessert every single day. Example desserts include: power balls, homemade protein ice cream, raw honey + banana/organic fruit, nutty pudding, protein cookies, protein berry crumble.

Core Meal:

This core meal varies daily. Examples include: Mexican sweet potato, steak + veggies, ground beef + white rice, soup, salad, Pork Chorizo Hash

Super Veggie

  • Black lentils, 45 grams dry, ~150 grams cooked
  • Broccoli, 250g
  • Cauliflower, 150g
  • Shiitake Mushrooms, 50g
  • Garlic, 1 clove (a piece)
  • Ginger Root, 3g
  • Lime, 1
  • Cumin, 1 Tbsp
  • Apple Cider Vinegar, 1 Tbsp
  • Hemp Seeds, 1 Tbsp
  • After prep, drizzle 1 Tbsp of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Cooked via low temperature. Can eat raw or puree.

2. Supplements

Note: this supplement stack is optimal for me at this point in time based on regular measurement. Your optimal supplement stack will differ.

Consumed after workout:

  • Taurine
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine
  • L-Lysine
  • Magnesium L-Threonate
  • B Vitamins
  • Lycopene
  • Ubiquinol / CoQ10
  • Vitamin D3, K2
  • Omega 3
  • Garlic
  • Ginger Root
  • Glucosamine Sulfate
  • Iodine
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • NMN
  • Broccomax


  • Ashwaganda (only consumed if stressed / 1x/week)
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid (only consume if struggling to do focused deep work)
  • Amino Acids
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Protein Powder
  • Chlorella Powder
  • Supergreens
  • Cocoa Flavanols
  • Ceylon Cinnamon
  • Creatine

3. Starter Items

I personally use these items:

  • Epigenetic aging test
  • Withings smart scale
  • Whoop or Oura Ring + Apple watch for measurement
  • Blood test
  • Blood glucose test
  • Gut microbiome test
  • Air & water filters
  • Lighting
  • Oral hygiene practice
  • Bed sheets, pillow, mattress, blackout curtain

4. Fitness plan
Below is the workout regime I follow:

Full Body (leg heavy)

  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Hamstring curls
  • Leg extensions
  • Push ups
  • Pull ups
  • Rows
  • Dips
  • Tricep extensions
  • Standing overhead press
  • Tibialis raises

Wednesday & Friday:
Chest + Back

  • Incline db press
  • Incline cable flys
  • Standing cable flys
  • Flat bench press
  • Lat pull down
  • Seated row
  • Back extensions
  • Calf raises

Tuesday & Thursday:
Shoulders + Arms

  • Seated db shoulder press
  • Barbell curl (superset w/ different grips)
  • Overhead barbell press
  • Lateral raises
  • Face pulls
  • Tricep pulldowns (superset w/ different grips)
  • Skull crushers
  • Calf raises

I don't lift weights on the weekends. I also walk, play basketball, train MMA, and/or go swimming 5-6x per week.

5. Track Progress with Measurement

Show results of blood test, gut test, CIMT etc.

Oral Health Protocol
The four big killers that cause the vast majority of deaths for people over the age of 40 are diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimers. Poor oral health is increasingly linked to Alzheimers and numerous other conditions. Below is my oral health protocol:

  • Brush teeth 2-3x per day (fluoride free toothpaste)
  • Floss 1x per day
  • CoQ10 gel
  • Herbal mouthwash
  • Bi-annual oral microbiome salivary test
  • Chew xylitol gum for microbiome benefits
  • Night guard to correct bruxism

Sleep Health Protocol
Perhaps the most important wellness practice. Read Why We Sleep, and you'll walk away thinking Sleep is the new coffee and that getting high-quality sleep is the best protector and enhancer of health and cognition.

  • Blacked out room
  • Aim for the same bedtime daily
  • Cool room, temperature controlled
  • 30min-1hr downtime before bed, no tech
  • Track via Oura or Whoop

Skin Health Protocol

  • Paraben free, face wash 1x per day
  • Paraben free, face serum 1x per day
  • Hyaluronic Acid 1x per day
  • Zinc based sunscreen (avoid oxybenzone, major endocrine disruptor)
  • I also supplement with collagen peptides and drink 3-4L of spring water per day