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Hey I'm Skylor đź‘‹

Things I believe:

  • Speed matters; it's important to do things fast
  • Smaller teams are better & more productive; most companies are 2-5x overstaffed
  • There is more fiction written in excel than in books
  • Time is more important than money; few would trade lives with Buffett or Munger 1:1 today
  • What you work on is more important than how hard; janitors work hard but lack leverage
  • To get what you want you need to deserve what you want
  • Deliver to the world what you would want on the other end
  • Ignore 'most people' arguments; most people end up divorced, obese, and broke
  • If you're an ambitious person you need to work, its almost like a medical condition
  • Women are hypergamous. The average man is a '3/10' while the average woman is a '6/10'
  • By 2030, Bitcoin will hit $1M, Tesla will hit a $10T market cap and expected lifespan for a newborn will hit 100.
  • US health system is in shambles and will bankrupt the US in the 2050s (currently 20% of GDP)
  • Our western diet is hijacking our biology and will be looked upon similarly to smoking
  • Incentives matter and are great fortune tellers; show me the incentives I'll show you the outcome
  • Sales and distribution is just as important as product

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Mar 2024
Feb 2021